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Spain: Forestry and wood industry closes down

01.04.2020 − The Spanish government decided 29 March to tighten the initial restrictions in force since 14 March.» more


Turnover decline in German wood industry intensifies

28.02.2020 − Over the course of the second half year turnover of the German wood industry declined at increasingly significant rates vis à vis the comparative months of the previous year.» more

Strikes brought to an end in Finnish wood industry

26.02.2020 − In the pay dispute between the Finnish industrial trade union Teollisuusliitto and the association of the Finnish forest and wood industry Metsäteollisuus an agreement was reached on 23 February.» more

Segezha issues bonds in amount of 100bn RUB

13.01.2020 − Russian Segezha Group issued bonds in the amount of 100bn RUB (roughly equivalent to 1.4bn €) at the end of last year. » more