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Södra puts its sawlog prices up by SEK30/m³

10.05.2021 − After the increase in January, Södra, announced further mark-ups on prices for sawlogs and industrial roundwood on 21 April with immediate effect and introduced thinning bonuses at the same time. » more


Felling in Germany driven to record level of 80.4m m³

05.05.2021 − The total volume of wood felled in Germany in 2020 was 80.420m m³, which equates to an increase of 17.9 % to a new record level. » more

Russia decides on roundwood export ban

19.04.2021 − With the adoption of decree no. 396 on 18 March, the Russian government has confirmed an export ban concerning softwood logs and hardwood sawlogs to come into effect from 1 January 2022. » more

First decline for some time in CMCP plywood sales

29.03.2021 − In the fourth quarter, Empresas CMPC sold a volume of 102,000m³ plywood. » more