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First decline for some time in CMCP plywood sales

29.03.2021 − In the fourth quarter, Empresas CMPC sold a volume of 102,000m³ plywood. » more


China maintains import ban on roundwood from Australia

29.03.2021 − The ban on imports of roundwood from Australia imposed by Chinese phytosanitary authorities in autumn 2020 remains in place. » more

Initial forecast puts damaged wood 40 % below 2020

05.03.2021 − If weather conditions are favourable from the point of view of forest protection, the volume of damaged wood in Germany is expected to amount to 39.6m m³ in 2021.» more

Wood felling in Finland in Q1-3 decreased by 15 %

27.01.2021 − In the first nine months, the volume of roundwood felled in Finland for use as a material amounted to around 40.3m m³, equating to a reduction of 15.1 % against a year earlier. » more