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Pfleiderer East works to pass to Kronospan

12.07.2021 − According to as yet unconfirmed information, the Kronospan group appears to have placed the winning bid in the sale process originally launched for the two Polish works of Pfleiderer Group.» more


Composite panel capacity decreased slightly

01.07.2021 − North American composite panel manufacturing capacity has dipped slightly in both 2020 and 2021 after rising continually between 2014 and 2019. » more

Kijchai commences production of adhesive resins

28.06.2021 − In the first quarter, Thai MDF/HDF manufacturer S. Kijchai Enterprise (SKN) commissioned its new adhesive resin plant.» more

Centuryply: building starts at Hoshiarpur MDF plant

25.06.2021 − Centuryply commenced work on construction of the second production line immediately after the decision to expand capacities at the MDF plant in Hoshiarpur (Punjab) was announced in February. » more