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Howdens: turnover growth higher than expected

23.07.2021 − In the first six months, Howden Joinery Group (Howdens) increased its turnover by 68.8% vis à vis the comparative period of the preceding year to almost £785.0m. » more


France: furniture trade benefits from catch-up effects

19.07.2021 − In May, turnover of the French furniture trade increased by 10.1% vis à vis the preceding year. » more

Growth in online furniture trade continues

16.07.2021 − In the second quarter, gross turnover generated online in connection with furniture, lamps and decorative goods rose by 27.4% to €1.799bn.» more

Specialist retail chain Jysk plans expansion to Turkey

09.07.2021 − Danish Jysk group plans to open its first stores in Turkey in April 2023. » more