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Profine Group acquires Synseal plant in the UK

30.06.2020 − The window and door profile manufacturer Profine acquired a plant in Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire from British Aperture Trading with effect from 20 May. » more


IFN-Holding surpassed revenue forecast for 2019

26.06.2020 − IFN-Holding, a window, house doors, façade and sun protection system specialist raised its revenues by 12% to €612m in the 2019 financial year.» more

Window sales in Germany increase by 2.4% in 2019

11.06.2020 − Last year it was possible to achieve a 2.4% increase in sales to a volume of 14.8m window units (1 window unit WU = 1.69m²) on the German window market. » more

Arbonia’s EBITDA improved in all four divisions

16.03.2020 − The building components supplier Arbonia achieved better EBITDA in all four of its divisions in 2019.» more