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Almost half of British quota already filled

10.02.2021 − The duty-free quota for softwood plywood imports into Great Britain and Northern Ireland is still being depleted much more quickly than the quota for the EU-27. » more


Supply problems with structural wood-based panels

08.02.2021 − The availability of wood-based panels for construction purposes is strained in Europe at the moment.» more

Brazilian elliotis pine plywood exports up 20%

01.02.2021 − Brazilian elliotis pine plywood exports returned to the growth rates recorded in 2016 and 2017 last year after a downturn in 2019. » more

Chile: plywood exports rising since start of 2020

29.01.2021 − In the third quarter Chile exported a total volume of 123,419t radiata pine plywood. The figure of the preceding year was surpassed by 2.8%. » more