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Czech Republic: significant increase in roundwood prices

26.11.2021 − In the third quarter, the price increase for softwood logs recorded since the fourth quarter of 2020 intensified further. » more


Belarus: 30% more roundwood to be sold via auctions

24.11.2021 − The Belarusian Ministry of Forestry plans to sell 19.033 m³ roundwood in the coming year, representing an increase of 1% compared to 2021. » more

Segezha Group taking over Forest Rus for US$515m

25.10.2021 − Segezha Group wants to take over Inter Forest Rus from Bonum Capital for RUB36.5bn (roughly equivalent to US$515m). » more

Precious Woods increases turnover and results

13.09.2021 − Precious Woods Holding, a company which focuses on tropical wood, increased its turnover by almost 18% to €27.2m in the first half. » more