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Segezha has become NLHK’s majority shareholder

21.10.2021 − Segezha Grouphas acquired a majority stake in the eastern Siberian sawmill operator Novojenisseisk LHK (NLHK). » more


Belarusian pellet exports increase at double-digit rate

20.10.2021 − In the first half, Belarus exported 270,000 t of pellets at a value of US$27.1m. » more

US pellet industry’s output boosted again

12.10.2021 − After the poor start to the year, the USA’s pellet output in the second quarter was back above the figure for a year earlier. » more

Russia: 45% of exported pellets sold to Denmark

23.09.2021 − In the second quarter, the volume of Russian pellet exports decreased by 3% vis à vis the preceding year to 509,079 t. » more