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Recovery for European parquet markets

06.11.2020 − After the in some cases significant slump during the second quarter, demand for parquet on most European markets has recovered at least slightly in recent months. » more


Bauwerk’s margins improved in spite of reduced sales

08.10.2020 − In the first half-year, parquet sales of Bauwerk Boen, which has been operating on the market as Bauwerk Group since 1 September, fell by 10 % to 4.1m m². » more

US parquet manufacturer AHF closes Shanghai factory

10.08.2020 − US wooden flooring manufacturer AHF Products has ceased production at its Chinese factory in Shanghai.» more

Parquet consumption in FEP region rises slightly

13.07.2020 − Parquet consumption in member countries of the Federation of the European Parquet Industry (FEP) rose last year by 1.2% to 81.767m m² compared to the preceding year. » more