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Poland: kitchen furniture production down 25%

03.08.2020 − In the first quarter Polish production of kitchen furniture made of wood decreased by 24% to 1.067m units. » more


Spain imports less living room furniture in Q1

20.07.2020 − In the first quarter Spanish imports of living room furniture decreased by 3.7% to €770.5m.» more

US manufacturers: significant declines in orders

16.07.2020 − Against the backdrop of the corona crisis, incoming orders in April for US furniture manufacturers in the residential sector plummeted by 61% to US$884m.» more

US furniture industry records turnover rise in February

21.05.2020 − Following a 3% decline in January 2020, turnover of the US furniture industry in the residential area increased again in February by 4% to US$2.219bn in February. » more