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DoC postpones ruling on kitchen furniture imports

21.06.2019 − The US Department of Commerce (DoC) has delayed a preliminary decision about whether to impose countervailing duties (CVD) on imports of kitchen furniture and furniture parts from China until 5 August.» more


Kitchen exports increased by 3.2% in the first quarter

05.06.2019 − German exports of kitchen furniture also increased in the first quarter and, at € 505.0m, were up 3.2% on the previous year in value terms. » more

Kitchen furniture exports compensate domestic decline

30.05.2019 − In March domestic turnover of the German kitchen furniture industry, at €255.6m (-0.9%), fell short of the preceding year’s figure for the second consecutive time. » more

Nobia organic turnover decreased by 1%

16.05.2019 − In the first quarter of 2019 Swedish Nobia group generated turnover of SEK3.469bn. » more