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US furniture trade records turnover increase in August

18.10.2021 − In August, turnover in the US furniture retail trade - adjusted to account for seasonal effects and the different number of trading days - increased by 15.6% to US$12.495bn.» more


Jysk invests €250m in rebranding project

28.09.2021 − Danish Jysk Group has budgeted a total of €250m for its rebranding project.» more

Furniture trade in France surpasses last year’s level

20.09.2021 − In June, the furniture retail trade in France achieved an increase of 2.7% and thus once again exceeded the high turnover level of the comparative month last year. » more

Howdens: turnover growth higher than expected

23.07.2021 − In the first six months, Howden Joinery Group (Howdens) increased its turnover by 68.8% vis à vis the comparative period of the preceding year to almost £785.0m. » more