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USA: incoming orders increase again

23.04.2021 − The clearly positive development concerning incoming orders recorded by US furniture manufacturers in the residential sector since June has continued in the new year.» more


Increasing growth in timber industry’s sales from June

01.04.2021 − The German timber industry succeeded in raising its total sales revenue above the previous year’s figures in every month from June onwards.» more

Furniture industry: turnover well up at end of year

05.03.2021 − Already observable since the third quarter, the strong growth in incoming orders within the German furniture industry became increasingly evident in the turnover figures towards the end of the year. » more

Retail closures leaving their mark on output after all

22.02.2021 − German furniture manufacturers have ended up having to adjust their output, after all, to reflect reduced ordering in the wake of restrictions imposed on furniture shops since the beginning of January. » more