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Spanish living room furniture imports positive again

30.07.2021 − Following an 11% decline over the entire period of 2020, Spanish imports of living room furniture increased again in the first quarter, by 7.3% to €827.0m.» more


US furniture imports increase by one-quarter

22.07.2021 − In the first quarter, US furniture imports increased by 26% compared to the corresponding period in the preceding year to US$14,566bn. » more

Swedish furniture imports increase by 7%

07.07.2021 − Following a 2% decline over the entire period of 2020, Swedish furniture imports increased by 7% in the first quarter to SEK5.626bn. » more

Russian furniture imports pick up again

05.07.2021 − Following the considerable decline of 10% in the third quarter, Russian furniture imports picked up again in the fourth quarter. » more