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Italian furniture exports increase by 77% in Q2

14.10.2021 − In the second quarter, Italian furniture exports increased by 77% to €2.903bn and thus also exceeded the level recorded before the corona crisis by 13%. » more


Swedish furniture exports rise at higher rates

16.09.2021 − In the second quarter, Swedish furniture exports increased by 19% vis à vis the corona-related weaker figures of the comparative period of the preceding year, to SEK4.997bn.» more

USA: significant rise in furniture imports

10.09.2021 − In the second quarter, US furniture imports rose by 72% to US$15.658bn and thus at an even more significant rate than in the first quarter. » more

Russian furniture imports increase again in first quarter

23.08.2021 − Following a 5% decline over the entire period of 2020, in the first quarter Russian furniture imports increased again by 15% to US$529.5m.» more