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Swedish office furniture imports up 38% on 2020

06.01.2022 − In the first nine months, Swedish furniture imports increased by 15%. This growth was mainly driven by the office furniture, upholstered furniture and miscellaneous furniture product groups. » more


Slower growth observed in US imports of furniture

04.01.2022 − After growth of 72% in the second quarter resulting from a base effect, the growth in US imports of furniture has been slower again since July. » more

Spain: exports of living room furniture increase in Q3

16.12.2021 − In the third quarter, Spanish living room furniture exports increased by 16.1% to €641.6m.» more

France: 12% increase in furniture imports

09.12.2021 − French furniture imports in the third quarter increased by 12% vis à vis the preceding year to €2.202bn.» more