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First decline for some time in CMCP plywood sales

29.03.2021 − In the fourth quarter, Empresas CMPC sold a volume of 102,000m³ plywood. » more


Further decline in Russian sawnwood output in December

12.02.2021 − Russian sawmills produced 2.2m m³ of sawnwood in December; this equates to a reduction of 5.9 % against the same month a year earlier. » more

New Juodeliai sawmill put into operation in November

02.02.2021 − In the second half of November, the Lithuanian wood-industry company Juodeliai put the new sawmill geared to an annual cutting capacity of 1m m³ of roundwood into operation at its Marijampole facility. » more

James Jones extending log yard in Lockerbie

19.11.2020 − James Jones & Sons is currently extending the existing log yard of Lockerbie Mill 1 sawmill in Stevens Croft by four acres (equivalent to 1.6 ha). » more