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USA’s sawnwood imports from Europe boosted 79 %

20.11.2020 − At a total of 711,126 m³, the USA imported 79 % or 323,662 m³ more sawn softwood from the EU (including the UK) in the third quarter than they did in the same period of last year.» more


Moelven invests NOK170m in wood impregnation

16.11.2020 − Against the background of increased sales of impregnated wood products, Moelven recently decided to invest NOK170m into the construction of an impregnation system at Moelven Soknabruk.» more

Finland: production still below level of preceding year

12.11.2020 − After recording -22.8% in the first and -8.0% in the second quarter, Finnish production of softwood lumber also remained below the preceding year’s figure in the third quarter. » more

Sawmill 25 group boosts sawnwood production by 4 %

10.11.2020 − At 554,000 m³, the three sawmills of the northern Russian Sawmill 25 group cut roughly as much roundwood in the third quarter of 2020 as they did a year earlier. » more