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Canfor reduces production in North America and Europe

27.03.2020 − In connection with the corona crisis, the Canadian company Canfor today announced far-reaching production cuts at its plants in Canada and the USA as well as in Europe.» more


WFP turnover plummets by almost 72% in Q4

23.03.2020 − In the fourth quarter Western Forest Products (WFP), Vancouver, British Columbia, recorded a net loss of -Can$29.2m. » more

Sweden’s sawn softwood exports boosted by 7 %

19.03.2020 − In the second half-year, Sweden boosted its exports of rough-sawn and planed sawn softwood by a total of 7.3 % to 6.201m m³ compared to the corresponding period in the preceding year. » more

Canfor WSPF lumber production down 22%

18.03.2020 − Due production cutbacks in Canadian sawmills, lower softwood lumber prices in North America as well as higher roundwood procurement costs, the lumber business division of Canfor also had to cope with losses.» more