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Cedar now to resume sawmill construction in Croatia

04.11.2020 − The Croatian hardwood sawmill Cedar can now resume construction work on its new sawmill after a delay of over a year. » more


Alternative site for Binderholz works in Poland

28.09.2020 − Binder Beteiligungs AG belonging to the Binderholz and the town council of the Polish Nidzica community have signed a letter of intent for building a wood-competence centre. » more

Ladenburger can now cut 200,000 m³ more per annum

04.09.2020 − The two contracts for noise prevention formulated under the auspices of the district administration of Ostalbkreis and signed on 14 August enable Ladenburger to significantly increase its annual output.» more

US sawmilling industry harmed by Canadian deliveries

10.08.2020 − The NAFTA arbitration panel now shares the view of the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) at the DOC that Canadian deliveries of sawnwood to the USA harm the sawmilling industry.» more