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Decay in roundwood prices continues in Norway

20.05.2020 − The decay noticeable in roundwood prices in Norway for a year now was still evident in March 2020.» more


Sweden: Roundwood prices remain weak

22.04.2020 − In the first quarter, the average price of softwood logs in Sweden fell by 0.6% to 493 SEK/m³ compared to the fourth quarter of 2019.» more

Norway: Roundwood prices have fallen further

06.04.2020 − In Norway, the average price of 384 nkr/m³ achieved in February across all roundwood assortments is now 14% below the previous year's level.» more

Sharp decline in roundwood prices in Norway in January

20.03.2020 − In spite of a 6.2 % reduction in felling across the whole range of tree species and assortments against the previous month to 979,000 m³, roundwood prices fell sharply in Norway at the beginning of 2020. » more