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Sharp decline in roundwood prices in Norway in January

20.03.2020 − In spite of a 6.2 % reduction in felling across the whole range of tree species and assortments against the previous month to 979,000 m³, roundwood prices fell sharply in Norway at the beginning of 2020. » more


Roundwood prices in Norway drop significantly

05.03.2020 − In Norway, roundwood prices fell significantly despite a 6.2% lower felling of 979,000 m³ compared to the same month last year across all tree species and product ranges.» more

New Zealand: Roundwood exports have stalled

05.03.2020 − New Zealand roundwood exporters can currently hardly export goods to China, as the port storage facilities there are exhausted at the end of February 2020 due to lack of unloading. » more

Czech Forest expects up to 60m m³ damaged wood

28.02.2020 − In 2020 Czech forestry institute Czech Forest anticipates an accrual of 40-60m m³ beetle-damaged wood in the Czech Republic. » more