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Westag & Getalit divisions show mixed performances

23.11.2020 − Westag & Getalit has announced that both of its divisions staged a recovery over the past few months. » more


Russian birch plywood prices holding steady

16.11.2020 − The Eastern European birch plywood industry is still feeling the pinch at the start of the fourth quarter.» more

Finland: another downturn in plywood manufacturing

13.11.2020 − After enjoying a somewhat stronger second quarter, Finnish plywood manufacturers faced another bigger fall in output in the third quarter. » more

Canada imposes tariffs on plywood imports from China

09.11.2020 − Within the scope of an investigation of plywood imports from China, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) imposed preliminary anti-dumping and countervailing duties with effect as of 23 October.» more