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Further growth achieved by Metsä Wood in Quarter 4

29.03.2021 − In its Wood Products Industry (Metsä Wood) division, Metsä Group achieved growth of 25.4 % in sales revenue in the fourth quarter at €116.6m. » more


First decline for some time in CMCP plywood sales

29.03.2021 − In the fourth quarter, Empresas CMPC sold a volume of 102,000m³ plywood. » more

Latvian plywood exports above previous quarter

09.03.2021 − In the fourth quarter Latvian plywood exports increased by 7.2% vis à vis the comparative period of 2019 to 90,100m³.» more

Significant decrease in Spanish plywood imports

05.03.2021 − In the third quarter Spanish imports of softwood and hardwood plywood were almost back at the level recorded in the first quarter.» more