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Russia: 45% of exported pellets sold to Denmark

23.09.2021 − In the second quarter, the volume of Russian pellet exports decreased by 3% vis à vis the preceding year to 509,079 t. » more


HS Timber extends pellet works in Kodersdorf

13.08.2021 − In June, HS Timber Group finished extending the recently completed pellet plant at the sawmilling facility of HS Timber Productions of Kodersdorf. » more

US pellet production down almost 12 % in first quarter

06.08.2021 − A total of 1.989m t of pellets were produced in the USA in the first quarter, which equates to a reduction of 11.6% against last year.» more

Canadian pellet production to rise by roughly 9%

04.08.2021 − Canada’s pellet output for the current year is expected to amount to 3.8m t, an increase of 8.6% against last year. » more