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HPE sees no slightly brighter outlook until 2021

28.09.2020 − HPE chief executive Marcus Kirschner believes the survey performed by the German association of wooden packaging, pallets, and export packaging (HPE) reveals initial grounds for cautious optimism.» more


Germany’s pallet output raised by 5 % in first quarter

24.09.2020 − A total of 29.702m flat and box pallets in the first quarter, an increase of 5 %. » more

Wooden packaging material requires ISPM 15 standard

28.08.2020 − In the border traffic between Europe and Great Britain, wood packaging will have to be treated and marked in accordance with the ISPM standard from January 1, 2021.» more

Germany: foreign trade with pallets declines significantly

14.07.2020 − In the first quarter German pallet exports as well as imports were at a considerably lower level than last year. » more