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ISPM requirements could lead to export problems

08.02.2021 − The mandatory treatment and marking for wooden packaging in cross-border traffic between Europe and the UK in accordance with (ISPM 15) since 1 January following Brexit could lead to logistics problems.» more


UFP Industries takes over pallet producer PalletOne

12.01.2021 − UFP Industries (UFPI) is taking over the US pallet producer PalletOne for approximately US$232m on a debt-free basis. » more

TIMCON fears bottlenecks in sawnwood supply

05.10.2020 − British pallet manufacturers and producers of wooden packaging are currently expressing concern that a shortage could arise in the supply of sawnwood in the coming weeks along with further increases in prices.» more

Faber Halbertsma Group to sell pallet production

01.10.2020 − Faber Halbertsma Group is selling its Dutch and Belgian pallet production companies to Foresco Group within the scope of an asset deal. » more