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Pallet imports rise more sharply than exports

24.09.2021 − According to preliminary figures from the Federal Statistical Office, a total of around 32.790m flat wooden pallets were imported into Germany during the first six months.» more


Belgian Foresco Group acquires Lapack

09.09.2021 − With effect from 27 August, Belgian packaging and pallet manufacturer Foresco Group has acquired Lapack, which is also active in pallet production and export packaging. » more

HPE indices for August partly decreased again

06.09.2021 − The increase in the wood price indices, which has been observed for months, slowed down considerably in August, and in two cases there were declines. » more

Continued growth registered in HPE indices in June

16.07.2021 − The wood price indices established by the German federation of wooden packaging, pallets, and export packaging on a monthly basis in cooperation with the university of Bonn, showed further growth for June.» more