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China: total capacities decreased slightly in 2020

12.04.2021 − Continuing consolidation within China’s wood-based panel industry culminated in the first minor reduction in total particleboard and MDF/HDF capacity in a while last year. » more


Great Plains MDF to start construction in autumn 2021

22.03.2021 − Great Plains MDF, a firm that was originally created as a project company, intends to commission an MDF mill designed to process wheat straw in the Canadian province of Alberta during 2023. » more

Homann Holzwerkstoffe fully places new bond

12.03.2021 − Homann Holzwerkstoffe successfully placed its new 2021/2026 bond more quickly and with a higher volume than originally planned. » more

Manufacturers argue with higher raw material costs

08.03.2021 − Central European particleboard and MDF manufacturers are increasingly underscoring rising raw material and logistical costs in current talks to settle on terms for deliveries from March or April onwards.» more