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Wren Kitchens plans to open twelve new stores

30.06.2020 − In July and August British kitchen furniture manufacturer Wren Kitchens plans to open four showrooms in Worcester, Wakefield, Wolverhampton and Peterborough. » more


American Woodmark’s profit impaired by stoppages

29.06.2020 − The net profit of the US kitchen and bathroom-furniture manufacturer American Woodmark fell by 9m US$ in the fourth quarter of its business year 2019/2020 to 13.0m US$:» more

Q1 kitchen exports correspond to preceding year

26.06.2020 − In the first quarter, German kitchen furniture exports very slightly exceeded the preceding year’s figure, by 0.2% to €509.1m. » more

Kitchen furniture industry expects subdued demand

19.06.2020 − After the majority of German kitchen furniture manufacturers had concluded the first quarter with increases in incoming orders, demand slackened off considerably in the following weeks.» more