Wood industry: significant increase on domestic market

19.06.2020 − 

In March domestic and export business of the German wood industry developed along clearly contrasting lines. Whilst, according to the statistics compiled by the Hauptverband der Deutschen Holzindustrie (HDH) on the basis of data supplied by the Federal Statistical Office, domestic turnover increased by 9.2% to €1.187bn, at a figure of €370.0m export turnover only surpassed the preceding year’s figure by 0.3%. In total, a turnover increase of 7.0% to €1.557bn ensued. In March 2019, by contrast, total turnover declined by 1.4%. Domestic turnover had remained at the preceding year’s level; export turnover had dropped by 5.3%.

The double-digit increase means that development in March was even better than in the two previous months. In January total turnover improved by 5.0% to €1.328bn, in February a slight increase of 1.0% to €1.379bn was recorded. Accumulated over the first quarter, total turnover thus improved by 4.3% to €4.263bn (domestic: +4.9% to €3.184bn, export: +2.7% to €1.079bn).

The sawmill industry recorded total turnover of €1.181bn, which was the same as last year. Turnover of the wood-based panels industry increased by 3.3% to €1.226bn. Construction-related business and manufacturers of wood packaging developed in even more positive terms.

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