Wood industry develops better than furniture industry

21.03.2019 − 

In 2018 the German timber and furniture industry increased its turnover for the fifth consecutive year. According to statistics issued by the Association of the German Woodworking Industry (HDH) which are compiled on the basis of figures supplied by the Federal Statistical Office, turnover increased by 2.7% to €36.6bn. Vis à vis the preceding year, turnover growth thus further intensified; for 2017 the HDH had recorded a 1.7% turnover increase to €35.6bn. Export turnover, at an increase of 4.2% to €10.908bn, was twice as high as the increase for domestic turnover, which improved by 2.1% to €25.656bn. Turnover figures from a total of 934 companies with more than 50 employees are included in the statistics. The total number of employees increased to 155,556.

The timber industry developed along considerably more positive lines than the furniture industry in most individual months as well as across the entire year. With the significant increase in October and the slight decline towards the end of the year, the German furniture industry turned over a total of €4.692 billion in the fourth quarter, of which €3.200 billion was generated in Germany and €1.492 billion abroad. Furniture industry turnover increased again by 0.7% to €17.965bn in 2018.

In the timber industry an increase was recorded in both key figures - 397 companies and 62,725 employees. Turnover increased by 4.8% to €17.394bn. The growth observed in 2017 - of 4.7% to €16.554bn - therefore continued at a very similar rate. Domestic turnover increased by 3.6% to €12.919bn, export turnover rose by 8.5% to €4.475bn.

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