Weinig: effects from December cyber attack still being felt

15.02.2021 − 

Consequences of the cyber attack on the IT system of Weinig Group on 6 December continue to be felt up to the beginning of February. The attack via the weinig.com domain affected the entire Weinig company network, with the exception of the locations in Great Britain, Australia and Asia. Customer networks with which Weinig is connected, for example via remote maintenance systems, were not impacted by the attack.

The attack precipitated disruptions in production, in some cases for several days, as well as delays in deliveries of machinery. The construction segment was more severely affected. Here a largely normal IT environment could only be established again during the course of January. There were also major problems concerning VPN connections of the employees who had moved into a home office setup due to the general corona situation. Immediately following the attack, attempts were made at Weinig to restore data from the backups and put an emergency system into operation. Furthermore, a completely new cloud-based network structure has been set up over the course of recent weeks. The work was largely completed by the beginning of February. Accordingly, most areas of operational business are now once again running to an almost-normal extent. Any outstanding work on the systems is to be completed over the course of the next four to six weeks.

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