Vyncke’s receipts of orders doubled in 2018

29.07.2019 − 

The power plant manufacturer Vyncke Energietechniek more than doubled its receipts of orders in 2018 against those of a year earlier to 187.8m €. After a continuous increase from 2009 to 2015, the receipts of orders subsequently fell in 2016 to 74.0 €. Minor growth to 84.5m € was achieved in 2017. Sales revenue fell with a delay of one year. On the basis of 93.7m € recorded for 2016, Vyncke had generated sales revenue of only 74.3m € in 2017. A figure of 86.2m € was achieved again last year. 3 % of this was generated in Belgium, 45 % in the rest of Europe, and 52 % outside Europe.

Conspicuous shifts occurred in the sales segments last year. The proportion of the total sales revenue accounted for by “Recovered Fuel” systems more than halved to 21 % whereas the “Agri” segment accounted for 45 %. The “Wood” segment, however, changed only slightly at 34 %. The number of employees was given as 335 (323).

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