UPM-Kymmene intends to shut down PM 10 in Plattling

03.04.2019 − 

UPM-Kymmene intends to permanently shut down PM 10 of its subsidiary MD Papier in Plattling. The Group announced this yesterday. The plant is designed for an annual capacity of 155,0000 tonnes of magazine and catalogue papers based on fresh fibre (LWC). The PM 10 is thus the smallest of the three paper machines operated at the site and, built in 1982, also the oldest. PM 11, which is also designed for LWC operation and assigned to MD Papier, has a capacity of 225,000 t/year. PM 11 was commissioned in 1988. PM 1, designed for SC(A) paper and assigned to UPM's subsidiary Rhein Papier GmbH, Plattling, has an annual capacity of 405,000 tonnes.

As a result of the permanent shutdown of PM 10, the need for pulpwood for mechanical pulping in Plattling will also be reduced. Only 2 m long pulpwood is used as raw material for fresh pulpwood on both PM 10 and PM 11. Due to the 1.5 m wide grinders, only 3 m long pulpwood is used on PM 1. The annual requirement of pulpwood for all three paper machines at the site is around 1.2m m³ at full capacity.

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