Timber trade’s mid-year sales revenue 1.7% up on last year

07.09.2017 − 

The results of the monthly business comparison performed by the German timber trade federation (GD Holz) show that the German timber trade slightly raised its sales revue in June by 1% against a year earlier whereby the month had two fewer days than June 2016. Sales revenue generated in the “Planed products” and “Garden wood” segments was well above average in June at almost +10% and +8% respectively. Details have not been disclosed about sales development in the other product areas.

The slight increase in June raised the German timber trade’s sales revenue in the first half-year by 1.7% against the same period of last year. The positive development in the first quarter (+3%) thus slowed a little during the course of the second quarter. According to the figures presented at the timber-trade meeting in Leipzig at the end of June, the industry’s sales revenue in April was only slightly higher than a year earlier. Growth of 2.06% against last year was established for the period of January to May as well, however. A slight decline (-0.56%) was recorded for the retail trade for the first five months of this year whereas sales revenue generated by the wholesale trade was 2.73% higher than last year.

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