Slight reduction in Siempelkamp’s receipts of orders

05.08.2019 − 

The orders received by the “Machine and plant engineering” division of G. Siempelkamp in its business year 2018 remained slightly short of the previous year’s figure at 594.8m €. The 500.8m € recorded for 2016 was greatly exceeded again, however. As such, the backlog of orders given for 2016 at 576.1m € increased again slightly to 617.3m €. Even higher growth was achieved in sales revenue and overall performance. The division’s sales revenue was improved by 8.2 % to 612.0m € and the overall performance even by 12.2 % to 638.4m € compared to the preceding year. The “Machine and plant engineering” division had generated sales revenue of 593.7m € and an overall performance of 450.9m € in 2016. The number of employees rose further to 2,582 at the end of 2018. The number of employees working for the division had already risen significantly in 2017 upon conclusion of the full takeover of Pallmann on 1 April 2017.

The group’s consolidated figures were down slightly in 2018. Receipts of orders fell slightly to 679.5m €, and the backlog of orders to 662.9m €. The consolidated sales revenue remained 1.5 % lower than a year earlier at 706.5m €. The overall performance, however, was improved again to 733.8m €. The business figures for 2018 were obtained from a summary recently presented by Siempelkamp; a business report has not been published yet.

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