SCA Wood doubles operating result

15.05.2017 − 

Despite higher raw-material and logistics costs, the Wood division of Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA), which had previously traded as the Forest Products division until the name change in the first quarter, achieved growth in its EBITDA in the first quarter of 67% to SKR145m. With turnover up by 8% to SKR1.364bn, the operating result after adjustment for special effects more than doubled to SKR83m. The decisive factor in producing improved results figures was higher selling prices. Timber sales, at 601,000 m³, were only marginally higher year on year.

The Forest division generated quarterly turnover of SKR1.312bn, representing year-on-year growth of roughly 11%. The adjusted EBITDA and the operating result each increased by 11%, at SKR325m and SKR297m respectively. Roundwood volume felled in the company’s own forests totalled 664,000 m³, representing roughly 30% more year on year. The two other divisions, Pulp and Paper, each showed year-on-year decline in results.

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