Metsä Wood’s sales of Kerto LVL in boosted Q4 2016

16.02.2017 − 

The “Metsä Wood” division in Finnish Metsä Group increased its deliveries of Kerto LVL in the fourth quarter of 2016 whereas the volume of plywood sales decreased due to an inflated supply. Under these circumstances, sales revenue on a like-for-like basis fell by 1.8% to €115.3m. The operating result adjusted for special items fell by 1.2% to €8.3m.

The “Metsä Fibre” division generated 5.9% less sales revenue than in the same quarter of the year before at €416.0m. The operating result decreased mainly due to prices for hardwood pulp having falling by a third to €53.3m. Synergies between the pulp and sawmills are to be better utilised now as a result of the transfer of the sawmills from Metsä Wood to Metsä Fibre on 1 November.

The group’s consolidated sales revenue fell 2.5% short of the previous year’s figure at €1.175bn. The operating result and EBITDA both fell by 14% to €109.7m (€128.2m) and €163.2m respectively. The pre-tax result and result for the period both dropped by a quarter to €85.1m and €68.2m respectively.

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