Italy: Derogations for wood industry undertakings

23.03.2020 − 

The decree signed yesterday by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to reduce industrial production provides for exemptions for companies in the wood, paper and pulp industry. In addition to food production plants, Annex 1 of the decree also includes plants for the production of wooden packaging (point 16.24.20, abbricazione di imballaggi in legno), paper production (17 Fabbricazione di carta), machinery for the paper and board industry including parts and accessories (28. 95.00 Fabbricazione di macchine per l'industria della carta e del cartone incluse parti e accessori) and coffins (32.99.4 Fabbricazione di casse funebri).

In the trade and services sectors, the following sectors are excluded from the shutdown: Trade in heating materials (46.71 Commercio all'ingrosso di prodotti petroliferi e lubrificanti per autotrazione, di combustibili per riscaldamento), transport companies and packaging services for third parties (82.92 Attività di imballaggio e confezionamento conto terzi).

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