Germany: Housing permits decreased by 3% in May

11.08.2017 − 

In May housing permits of 30,529 units were granted in Germany. This corresponds to a 3% decrease vis à vis the comparative month of the preceding year. According to information published by the Federal Statistics Office the number of approved new dwellings fell just short of the preceding year’s figure at 26,304. Approvals for detached houses and for housing units in semi-detached houses rose by 7% in each case to 8,567 units and 2,026 units respectively. A total of 15,114 approvals for dwellings in multi-family houses were granted, representing an increase of 9%. In the context of restructuring and expansion measures on existing buildings, 3,847 applications were approved, corresponding to a 14% decline.

Accumulated over the first five months, approvals for dwelling units in new residential buildings decreased by 5% to 119,334 units. Declines were recorded concerning approvals for detached houses (-11% to 37,095 units) and dwellings in semi-detached houses (-4% to 9,044 units). Building permission for dwelling units in multi-family houses, in contrast, increased by 4% to 66,244.

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