Great Britain: slight decline in construction approvals

21.03.2019 − 

According to the National House Builders Council (NHBC) 159,617 dwellings were approved in Great Britain in 2018. In 2007, 198,753 dwellings were approved. This was the second highest figure ever recorded since 1973. With reference only to England, 137,150 approvals for dwellings were granted last year. In Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man the number of approved living units also increased (+39% to 4,908 units). In Wales, at 5,463 units, approvals remained stable vis à vis the preceding year. Approvals in Scotland decreased (-5% to 12,096 units). With regard to contractors, a slight decline to 117,497 approved dwellings was recorded for private housing construction. Approvals granted in public housing construction, at 42,120 units, remained virtually stable vis à vis last year.

According to NHBC, at 149,480 completions, the preceding year’s figure was surpassed by 1%.

Some 20,000 construction companies are registered with the NHBC. The Council builds over 80% of dwellings in Great Britain.

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