Government to keep Brexit costs as low as possible

05.11.2018 − 

The British government wants to minimise the costs to the timber industry of Brexit, which is planned for March 2019. This was stated by Environment Secretary David Rutley in his speech to Parliament on Wednesday in response to demands by Martin Whitfield, Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Timber Industry. Whitfield had called for timber products from the EU to continue to be imported into the UK after Brexit without customs controls. If customs controls are introduced, this would cause delays in imports and financial burdens for importing companies. In this case, the construction of dwellings could not be carried out to the extent announced by Prime Minister Theresa May, Whitfield said.

Around 60,000 apartments per year are currently being completed in the UK. By 2020, the number of completions could be increased to over 100,000 units using existing production capacity. To achieve this, however, a smooth import of around 90 % of the wood products needed for residential construction must be ensured. British companies that import and process wood products from the EU have an annual turnover of around £10 billion and employ around 200,000 people.

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