German woodworking sector posts a 1.1% fall

28.04.2016 − 

The positive trend in the German woodworking sector in December 2015 did not continue into the start of 2016. The Association for the Wood and Plastic Processing Industry (HDH) reported that January revenues were down both domestically and abroad, resulting in an overall 1.1% decline to €1.094bn. German revenues were 0.8% lower at €807.2m, while foreign revenues dropped 1.8% to €286.9m. By contrast, companies had recorded a 9.3% leap in revenues in December, fuelled by both domestic business (+9.3%) and export activity (+9.6%).

Parquet flooring and building-related businesses were the only ones to record higher revenues in January. Firms in the building-related sector mainly benefited from a 32.2% growth in foreign revenues to €43.5m. German revenues were up 2.4% at €257.7m, translating into a 5.9% overall rise to €301.1m.

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