German paper industry turns around trend in sales

20.03.2018 − 

After the regressive development in 2016, sales revenue generated by the German paper industry increased again last year. The 14.694bn € provisionally reported by German Pulp and Paper Association (VDP) of Bonn on 21 February exceeded the previous year’s figure by 3.2%. The factors contributing to this growth were the 1.4% higher sales volume of paper, board, and paperboard to around 22.972m t and the price increases pushed through to offset the higher cost of raw materials. The German paper industry’s total sales volume in 2016 remained just under the previous year’s figure whilst hardly any change occurred in the output. The industry’s sales revenue, the figure for which has meanwhile been adjusted slightly upwards, fell by 1.6%.

Like the previous year, graphic paper was the only one of the individual groups of grades to have registered a further decline. Output fell by 2.4%, and the sales volume by 1.8% against the year before. The output and sales volume of hygiene paper each rose by 0.5%; the highest rates of growth had been recorded for these groups of grades in 2016. In contrast, the growth rates for paper, board, and paperboard for packaging applications were roughly double those of a year earlier. Output increased 3.7%, and sales volume 3.4%. Development in paper and paperboard for technical and special purposes was even better at plus 4.2% in output and 4.4% in sales volume.

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