German DIY trade exceeds turnover expectations

23.03.2020 − 

In 2019 total gross turnover generated by DIY stores in Germany improved by 3.6% to €19.46bn. This means the forecast of trade association Heimwerken, Bauen und Garten (BHB) which had been adjusted upwards as recently as the autumn, was surpassed. Originally the BHB had anticipated an increase of 1.5% in this sector. Following the revival in business during the third quarter, the association had considered a 3.0% rise to be possible. For 2020 the BHB currently expects further turnover growth of between 1.5-1.8%.

Turnover for 2019, which was determined on the basis of the Total Store Reporting of the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK) was significantly above the figures of the last ten years, which ranged between €17.6bn and €18.2bn. Calculated on a like-for-like basis, 2019 turnover rose by 3.8%.

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