Euroconstruct raises forecast for completions

20.02.2018 − 

For 2018 Euroconstruct forecasts a 7.1% in-crease to a total of 1.585m units vis à vis the preceding year in dwelling unit completions in new residential buildings in the 19 member countries. This was announced by the construction research network at the Euroconstruct conference held in Munich on 24 November. Compared to the previous conference held in Amsterdam on 9 July, the forecast was raised by 1.1%. The forecast for 2019 was adjusted downwards slightly by 0.2 percentage points to 1.775m completions. For 2020 Euroconstruct expects a slight decline to a total of 1.773m new dwellings. In 2017, according to preliminary figures, 1.597m dwellings were completed. This corresponds to an 11.7% increase, although previously an 11.3% rise had been expected.

Completions in the fifteen western European Euroconstruct member countries increased by 11.3% to 1.350m units in 2017. Slightly lower rates of increase are expected in 2018 (+6.2%), 2019 (+3.3%) and 2020 (+0.5%). In the four central-eastern European countries the number of completions increased by 14.1%, to 247,000 (216,500) units. In 2018 and 2019 increase rates in this region are also expected to be higher than in western Europe: 2018 +12.1%, 2019 +5.9%. For 2020, however, a 3.1% decline is forecast.

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