England: housing starts decrease by 8%

05.02.2021 − 

In the third quarter, housing starts in England - adjusted to account for seasonal influences - declined by 8% vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year to 35,710 units. During the second quarter, the number of housing starts plummeted by 56%. In the first quarter, housing starts had fallen 14% short of the comparative 2019 figure. According to numbers published by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, accumulated over the first nine months a decline in housing starts of 26% to 86,430 units was recorded.

In the third quarter, at 45,000 units, completions of living units fell just slightly short of the preceding year’s figure. Declines had also been recorded in the second (-65%) and first (-7%) quarters. In the first nine months, completions decreased by one-fourth to 101,630 units. In the case of living units constructed by real estate companies, completions fell 24% short of the preceding year’s figure to 82,730 units. A decline vis à vis the previous year was also recorded in the case of living units built by housing associations (-21% to 18,260 units) and municipal property developers (-66% to 650 units).

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