Dürr continues to invest primarily in the Homag Group

19.08.2021 − 

In the first half, due to expansion and optimisation measures planned - and in some cases already started - at several plants of Homag Group, investments in the woodworking machinery and systems (WMS) business division of Dürr increased by 5.1% to €18.6m. This represents 42.3% of the investment volume, which had been increased by 18.3% to €44.0m for the group as a whole. According to the half-year report presented on 5 August, Dürr also invested €37.4m in the agreements relating to shareholdings during the first half of the year. Of this sum, €6.8m was invested in the 70.6% shareholding in Kallesoe Machinery, which specialises in press systems for laminated timber production, concluded via Homag Danmark on 28 April. In addition, ancillary acquisition costs of €554,000 were incurred for this transaction. In the medium term, Homag can also acquire the remaining shares held by the Kallesøe family via an option agreed in connectin with conclusion of the purchase agreement. In the fourth quarter, the Homag Group had to pay up to €60.3m for the 80% shareholding in System TM, and the complete takeover of Homag China Golden Field (HCGF) under consideration of purchase price elements related to performance.

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