Contrasting trends in Westag & Getalit’s divisions

29.03.2019 − 

Sales revenue generated by the two divisions of Westag & Getalit developed in opposite directions in 2018 as a whole. According to an ad hoc release on 15 March, the “Doors/Doorframes” division had to put up with a minor reduction of 1.2 % to 125.4m €. Revenue from export sales was increased 9.8 % by expansion in project business to 26.8m € whereas domestic sales revue fell by 3.8 % to 98.6m €. This caused the export share to rise to 21.4 %. The division’s sales revenue failed to match the previous year’s figures in all four quarters. 32.1m € (-0.6 %) was recorded for the first quarter, 30.5m € (-2.6 %) for the second, and 32.4m € (-0.3 %) for the third. In the fourth quarter, the division’s sales revenue was raised by 3.6 % to 31.9m €. Westag & Getalit attributes the nonetheless slightly regressive turn in sales revenue in the Doors/Doorframes division to the almost fully utilised production capacity and the difficult competitive environment.

In contrast, the “Surfaces/Elements” division improved its performance in three out of the four quarters. The division’s sales revenue increased 5.8 % to 27,2m € in the first quarter, and the second quarter 3.7 % up at 25.4m €. After the slightly regressive development in the third quarter (-0.8 % to 25.5m €), the figure rose again in the fourth quarter by 2.4 % to 25.2m €. This amounts to a 2.7 % increase in sales revenue for the year as a whole to 103.3m €. Revenue generated from sales within Germany were raised by 2.6 % to 72.2m € and export sales revenue increased 3.0 % to 31.1m €.

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