Completions at highest level since 2001

25.06.2020 − 

In 2019 completions of dwellings increased compared to the preceding year by 2.0%, to 293,002 units. Estimated construction costs of completed living units rose by 6.9% to €86.3bn. The last time this figure was exceeded was in 2001 at 326,600 units. According to figures published on 4 June by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) completions in new residential buildings also increased by 2.0%, to 255,925 units. There was a rise in completed detached houses (+0.4% to 83,804 units) and dwellings in multi-family houses (+6.0% to 143,053 units). In semi-detached houses, by contrast, a decline of 2.8% was recorded, to 19,306 units. In the context of building measures relating to existing buildings, 32,211 living units were constructed - corresponding to an increase of 2.1%.

In 2019, the number of approved dwellings increased by 4.0% to 360,600 units and thus remained significantly higher than completions. The backlog of approved but not yet completed dwellings rose to a total of 740,400 units. The construction backlog, which has been increasing since 2008, therefore continued in 2019 and reached its highest level since 1998 (771,400 units).

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