Cairngorm takes over more English builders’ merchants

04.11.2019 − 

By taking over the builders’ merchant Chandlers Building Supplies, Cairngorm Capital Partners is continuing its acquisition activities in the timber, building supplies, and construction element segments. Cairngorm announced its acquisition of Chandlers on 11 October. Chandlers has 14 outlets in Sussex, Kent, Surrey, London, Essex, and West Midlands. Six of the facilities are specialised in supplying roof trusses. Chandler’s gross profit was last around 60m £ with 230 employees.

Following the conclusion of the acquisition, Cairngorm is going to merge Chandlers with the previously acquired builders’ merchants Parker Building Supplies (Parkers), Sussex Turnery and Moulding (Stamco) and Fairalls Builders` Merchants. In the course of the latest takeover, Cairngorm has now also revealed Independent Builders Merchant Group as the name of the group into which the activities of Chandlers, Parkers, Stamcon, and Fairalls are being merged. The group is then expected to generate a gross profit of 180m £ with a combined total of 750 employees at 37 facilities.

Andrew Cope, Chandlers’ former managing director, is switching to the new group’s board of directors. The management of the Builders Merchant Group is being taken over by Chris Maityard, formerly CEO at Parkers.

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