Cairngorm Capital Partners buys Grant & Stone

11.12.2019 − 

By taking over Grant & Stone, Cairngorm Capital Partners continues to expand its activities in the building materials trade. The takeover that Cairngorm released the news of on 18 November, also includes the subsidiary Trading Depot UK, which is geared to Internet trading.

The sellers are the company’s founders. Grant & Stone has existed with its wholesale segments of building materials, timber trade, plumbing, electrical accessories, kitchens and bathrooms, and lighting since 1987. Trading Depot was established in 2008. In the so-called Thames Valley in Southeast England, Grant & Stone has 29 outlets with a total of 360 employees. Grant & Stone will probably achieve a gross profit of 100m £ in the current business year 2019.

Grant & Stone is Cairngorm’s 23 acquisition since 2016 and the fifth in the building materials segment.

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