Building materials trade expects sales growth of 5%

28.01.2019 − 

Federal Association of German Building Materials Specialists (BDB) assumes that the sector's turnover increased by around 5 % last year. This initial assessment is based on a quick poll of the BDB member companies, the results of which were presented by the association at its press conference at the Bau trade fair in Munich. However, the survey results showed regional differences. In Bavaria, the building materials trade achieved above-average growth with an increase in sales of 7.5 %, while the companies in Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Berlin and Saxony-Anhalt only slightly exceeded the previous year's sales.

The BDB again forecasts a positive development for the current year. However, growth could slow down. A dampening effect is expected from the new Energy Saving Regulation (EnEV 2016), which, according to the BDB, will have a major impact on residential construction for the first time this year.

In 2017, the German building materials trade generated a 2.3 % increase in turnover to € 14.604 bn. This is shown by the annual performance statistics compiled by the BDB. In 2017, 885 companies with a total of 2,278 branches were represented in the BDB. The majority of companies that joined or left the BDB were in the lower turnover categories up to € 10m/year. There was less movement in the middle turnover classes. 127 companies represented an annual turnover of 10-25m € and 61 companies belonged to the turnover class 25-50m €. There were no changes in the upper turnover categories 50-100m € with 24 members and over 100m € with 23 members.

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