Building approvals continue to decrease

11.01.2018 − 

In October 2017, 29,445 approvals were granted for construction of dwellings in new and existing residential and non-residential buildings in Germany. This corresponds to a decrease of 9.0% vis à vis the comparative month of the preceding year.

According to the figures published by the Federal Statistical Office, approvals for dwellings in new residential buildings in October - at 25,544 units - were 5.1% down on the previous year's figure. Declines were recorded in the number of approvals for dwellings in semi-detached houses (-9% to 1,790), residential homes (-63.6% to 900) as well as existing buildings (-24.6% to 3,463). These decreases could only be partially compensated by an increase in approvals for detached houses (+1.0% to 7,222) and dwellings in multi-family houses (+2.0% to 15,632).

Accumulated over the first ten months, approvals for dwelling units in new residential buildings - at 247,454 units - fell short of the preceding year's figure by 4.6%. Approvals also decreased for detached houses (-5.1% to 76,236) and dwelling units in semi-detached houses (-1.5% to 18,800). For multi-family houses, the number of approved dwellings was slightly above the preceding year's figure at 140,646 units. More significant declines were recorded for dwellings in residential homes (-43.6% to 11,772), non-residential buildings (-20.8% to 4,448) as well as existing residential and non-residential buildings (-21.2% to 34,364).

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