British associations TTF and TRADA intend to merge

26.11.2020 − 

Timber Trade Federation (TTF) and the Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA) are to merge into one unit. The supervisory boards of both associations agreed to the corresponding memorandum of understanding on 6 October. Consequently, a due diligence process has been initiated in order to develop the organisational structure of the new unit. This process is to be completed by January 2021. According to current plans, the activities of TTF and TRADA are to run parallel to each other for at least a year before being amalgamated. Furthermore clarifications is still required concerning the form in which cooperation between TRADA and testing company BM TRADA (also based in High Wycombe) - that has been ongoing for 25 years - will continue. BM TRADA carries out product testing and certification on behalf of TRADA.

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