Approvals surpass preceding year’s figure by 18.7%

13.01.2020 − 

In October building approvals for dwellings in new residential buildings excluding residential homes increased by 18.7% vis à vis the comparative month of the preceding year to 26,395 units. According to the figures published by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) this means that the highest increase rate was achieved in October. Approvals granted in September remained stable vis à vis the preceding year. In August they had increased by 1.5%. In all other months figures had fallen short of the preceding year’s figure in each case.

Approvals for living units in semi-detached (+11.8% to 1,882 units) and multi-family houses (+24.3% to 16,629 units) also increased at double-digit rates in October. An increase was also recorded in approvals for detached houses (+9.8% to 7,884 units). Approvals for dwellings residential homes, in contrast, declined (-16.0% to 1,088 units).

Accumulated over the first ten months, approvals for dwelling units in new and existing residential and non-residential buildings, at 289,672 units, remained stable.

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